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Q: Do you live in Tokyo?
A: No. While it had been a dream of mine to live in Japan my life has taken me down a path I never knew I wanted to travel, but I’m loving it. I treat my Japan addiction by making regular trips to Japan and seeing and experiencing as much as I can every opportunity I get.

Q: Why are there ads on your site? Are you doing this blog to make money?
A: No, this blog is not a money making venture, at least not in the way that most people think of. I put the ads up on the site to try to create a way to help fund my return trips to Japan. Hopefully I’m not cramming ads down people’s throats, I just figure if people see something that interests them and they click a link, I’m 30 to 60 cents closer to my next plane ticket. Or if they buy something through J-List after clicking through on my banner I get even more. The quicker I save enough for my next trip, the sooner I return to Japan, and then I’ll have more experiences that translate to more content for the site. I click ad links that interest me on other J-blogs so I figured someone might on my blog.

Q: Should I bookmark this blog? Is it going to be around awhile?
A: By all means, please do. And follow me on Twitter while you’re at it so you know what I’m up to. I’ve got literally hundreds of article ideas written down in a folder I keep on my desktop,  labeled “Tokyo”. I’ve got a lot to say and “talk” about and hopefully you’ll like what you see.

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