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This site is essentially an outlet for an obsession.

When I was a kid I was always interested in Japan. I was into computers, electronics, and martial arts, and Japan had all of it, and the best of it, or so I’d been told. I knew that some way, somehow, I had to get to Tokyo eventually, and 20 years later I got my chance.

Now I had built Tokyo up in my head to be the coolest place in the world for decades, I mean really built it up, my geek Mecca if you will. Well a trip to a conference landed me in the capital of Japan and after wandering the many streets I had come to realize one thing, Tokyo wasn’t as cool as I had thought, it was cooler.

I explored the city like a wide-eyed, gaping mouthed, lunatic. The obsession had reached another level.

It’s been a few years since then and I’ve been lucky enough to return to Tokyo multiple times since my first trip. I exhaustively research new locations to check out on my next trip, and sleep the bare minimum while I’m there. I’ve seen a lot but still only scratched the surface, and only repeated return trips will sate my appetite for all things Japanese.

This is where I’ll document the trips I’ve taken, will take, and my opinions on Japanese culture, and pop-culture. Thanks for being part of it.

-The Tokyo Otaku

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