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Freshness Burger

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Freshness BurgerExploring the streets of Tokyo is going to make you hungry, and you’ll have plenty of options to sate that hunger. If you’re looking to take a break from Japanese fare you might want to try a Japanese take on the western burger joint. I’m talking about Freshness Burger.

Freshness Burger is another one of those Japanese things with a name so great you just have to try it. I still find myself referring to things as “Freshness Burger!” instead of just saying they’re cool. I know, I’m odd, but I like to say it.

I’d seen Freshness Burger on my first trip to Tokyo but never got a chance to go in and regretted it for the full year till my next trip when I made it a point to go in.

So, what are you going to get when you grab an actual freshness burger? A not bad, if not a little small, burger. Trumpets didn’t sound when I ate it, but it did live up to the name. The burger wasn’t greasy and had a nice slice of tomato and plenty of lettuce to go with it. Also it came with an interesting chili-esque sauce on it that was really good. It was a light burger and I really did enjoy it.

Freshness BurgerI’ve heard that the fish sandwich is really good at Freshness Burger so I’ll have to try that out the next time I’m in town, though to be honest the thought of eating fish from a fast food place in Tokyo, when there’s fish pulled from the ocean mere hours ago cooking somewhere up the street, is hard to justify.

If you’ve eaten at Freshness Burger, what was your experience like? Do you prefer Freshness Burger or Mos Burger? Let us know in the comments.

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